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TSC: Recruitment Process to Consider Older Graduates

TSC: Recruitment Process to Consider Older Graduates

Previously, the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) barred those above the age of 45 from consideration. In answer to a question from Malava MP Malulu Injendi, TSC’s chairman has promised missing teachers that they will be prioritized in the exercise.

Post primary scoresheet

TSC: Recruitment Process to Consider Older Graduates

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Consider Older Graduates

Primary scoresheet


A Professional PI qualifications
6-17 points 25
18-28 points 20
29 – 40 points 15
31-50 points 10
51-64 points 5
NB: The score does not include teaching practice.
B Length of stay since qualifying as a teacher
2010 and before 60
2011 55
2012 50
2013 45
2014 40
2015 35
2016 30
2017 25
2018 20
2019 15
2020 10
2021 to date 05
C Diploma in Primary Teacher Education (CBC


“During the recruitment, we will consider the time when the teachers graduated and the grade strength. We encourage even those teachers with 58 years to apply so that they can be considered to serve the commission for the remaining period before they attain the retirement age,” Muturi said.

He added: “To ensure transparency, the guidelines are structured so that those who graduated early are given the first priority

To be employed by the Commission one must meet the following requirements;

  • 1 Must be a Kenyan citizen
  • Must be 45 years of age and below
  • Must be registered as a teacher as stipulated in Section 23 of the Teachers Service Commission Act 2012.

    B: Those registered but do not possess Certificates of Registration must attach a copy of online printout of TSC Number and original bank pay-in slip for teacher registration.

  • Original Professional and Academic Certificates which may include;
    • CPE/KCPE Certificate
    • KCE/KCSE Certificate
    • PTE Certificate
    • Diploma Certificate
    • Degree Certificate
    • School Leaving Certificate

NB: Candidates without academic and professional certificates must show evidence of having applied for confirmation from KNEC and it is the onus of the concerned teacher to follow-up with KNEC within 14 days.


 Graduate Teachers

Applicants must have:

  • a minimum mean-grade of C+ (plus) at KCSE and C+ (plus) in each of the two teaching subjects or, a minimum of two (2) principles and one (1) subsidiary pass at ‘A’ Level.
  • In addition, they must have:
    • A Bachelor of Education Degree with two (2) teaching subjects.
    • A Bachelor of Science or Arts Degree plus a Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) with two teaching subjects. TSC Employment Requirements
    • Bachelor of Science with Education and Bachelor of Arts with Education with two teaching subjects.

NB: Bachelor of Education holders with C Plain mean grade and C Plain in the two teaching subjects at KCSE and have undertaken a diploma or A-Level also qualify 

Diploma Teachers

Applicants must have:

  • a mean grade of C+ (plus) at KCSE or its equivalent and with at least C+ (or Credit Pass) in the two teaching subjects or a minimum of one (1) principle and two (2) subsidiaries at ‘A’ level or
  • In addition, they must have:
    • A Diploma in Education from a recognized Teacher Training Institution.
    • Diploma Teachers who graduated in 2008 or before with a mean grade of C (plain) and C (plain) in the two teaching subjects qualify for consideration. TSC Employment Requirements

Certificate Teachers

  • Minimum grade C Plain in KCSE and above.
  • PTE Certificate from KNEC.
  • Mean grade of C-(minus) for visually and hearing impaired persons.
  • Special Needs Education: KSL and Braille is considered as a second teaching subject e.g. Biology/KSL, Geography/Braille

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