Themes In Fathers Of Nations by Paul B. Vitta


 The following themes are seen in the Novel Fathers of Nations by Paul B. Vitta.

1. Poor leadership

The novel depicts the African leaders as unfit to govern their countries. They lack vision, competence, and integrity.

They are swayed by foreign agendas and ideologies, and ignore the needs and wishes of their people. They engage in conflicts and rivalries among themselves, instead of working together for the common good.

The novel shows how poor leadership leads to chaos and violence, as exemplified by the disastrous summit in Gambia.

2. Corruption

The novel exposes the widespread corruption that affects all aspects of life in the African states.

Corruption erodes the economy, the society, and the governance of the countries. It creates a gap between the rich and the poor, and fosters injustice and insecurity.

The leaders are greedy, selfish, and dishonest. They steal public money, manipulate elections, and abuse their power. Corruption prevents the development and execution of effective policies and strategies for the continent.

3. Resistance and activism

The novel also portrays some characters who resist the oppressive systems and advocate for change. They embody the values of humanity, empathy, and courage.

They challenge the status quo and demand for a better future for Africa. For instance, Prof Kimani, Comrade Melusi, Pastor Chineke, and Dr Afolabi form a coalition to promote Path Alpha, a document that outlines a radical transformation of the continent. They face many hurdles and dangers to achieve their goal.

4. Identity and culture

The novel also examines the theme of identity and culture in relation to Africa. It questions the validity and suitability of the various ideologies and influences that shape the African states.

It also explores the diversity and unity of the African people, as well as their hopes and challenges.

The novel suggests that Africa needs to find its own identity and culture, and forge its own path based on its own values and interests.

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