PSC Announces Over 3,000 Tvet trainers


PSC Announces Over 3,000 Tvet trainers,

PSC Announces Over 3,000 Tvet trainers

Over 3,000 technical and vocational educational training trainers have been promoted to various job grades.

According to CS Education Director Ezekiel Machogu, 12 officers were promoted to chief principal officers as a result of the promotions.

PSC Announces Over 3,000 Tvet trainers

On Wednesday, Machogu was addressing a workshop hosted by the Kenya Association of TTI Principals.

“Three hundred and seventeen officers have been promoted to the grade of Senior Principals and vocational and technical trainer 1 Job Group ‘P’,” Machogu said.

He also stated that another 1373 officers had been promoted to the position of principal of vocational and technical trainers.

PSC Announces Over 3,000 Tvet trainers

1027 officers will now be assigned as primary vocational and technical trainers 1.

“231 trainers promoted to senior vocational and technical trainer, and another 309 to serve as assistant trainers,” he said.

The trainers, on the other hand, want to be transferred back to the Teachers Service Commission rather than the PSC.

On the other hand, TSC is anticipated to hire four top principals to serve in teacher training institutes.

TSC invited applications from appropriately qualified teachers in an advertisement seen by the media.

“Interested candidates, who meet the required qualifications, should submit their applications online through the TSC portal,” the advert read.

PSC Announces Over 3,000 Tvet trainers

TSC asked potential teachers to apply by January 31.

Manual submissions submitted by applicants will not be considered, according to the commission.

“A teacher must have served as Senior Principal at T- Scale 14 for a minimum period of three years,” the advert reads.

TSC also requires teachers to have a satisfactory rating in the performance appraisal and performance contracting process.

“Meet the requirements of Chapter Six of the Constitution and meet any other requirement deemed necessary by the Commission,” the advert read.

The commission stated that successful candidates must provide authentic Chapter 6 documentation before being appointed to any position.

PSC Announces Over 3,000 Tvet trainers

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