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New taxes and levies for Nairobi residents and traders after Governor Sakaja signs Finance Act 2023

New taxes and levies for Nairobi residents and traders after Governor Sakaja signs Finance Act 2023

Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja has signed the Nairobi City County Finance Act 2023, which introduces new taxes and levies for residents and traders in the city. The Act aims to raise Sh42.3 billion in the 2023/24 financial year, an increase of Sh17 billion from the previous year.

The new taxes and levies will affect various sectors and services in the city, such as market stalls, county houses, family planning, alcoholic drinks, outdoor advertising, and city inspectorate.

Market traders will have to pay 10 percent more for their stalls, while residents living in county houses will face rental increments of between Sh2500 –Sh7500. The rental increase will apply to estates such as Ziwani, Ofafa Jericho, Lumumba, Jerusalem, Maringo, Mbotela, Ngong Road, Shauri Moyo, Gorofani, Bahati, New Pumwani, Landies Road, Outering Road, Uhuru and New Pumwani. The county has 17,000 houses in these estates.

However, women will benefit from the Act as they will not have to pay more for family planning services. Sakaja said that he listened to the views of the public during the public participation and decided to maintain and reduce some of the charges for reproductive health.

On the other hand, the Act will impose higher charges on alcoholic drinks and licensing to help control the number of drinking outlets across the city. Sakaja said that many people supported this measure to curb alcoholism and drug abuse.

The Act will also increase application fees for outdoor advertising and signage. Sakaja said that this will help regulate the sector and generate more revenue for the county.

For the city inspectorate, the Act has retained impounding charges in some areas and reduced in others to drive compliance. Sakaja said that he consulted with various stakeholders before making these changes.

Sakaja expressed his confidence that the Act will enable the county to provide better services and development projects for the residents and traders of Nairobi. He urged them to support his administration and pay their taxes promptly.

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