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New Information on Teachers Salary Increment

New Information on Teachers Salary Increment

New Information on Teachers Salary Increment

New Information on Teachers’ Salary Increment. There are now dates listed for when The Salaries and Remuneration commission will announce wage increases for TSC teachers.

This concept will now allay teacher concerns about missing out on raises. This is due to the fact that instructors were expected to comprehend that the collective bargaining agreement for the years 2021–2025 had not yet been fully drafted and agreed upon.

The chair of the wages and pay commission, Lynn Mengich, has spoken on the raises for teachers, though. She reaffirmed that the committee is carefully reviewing the Teachers Service committee’s wage suggestions. She stated that after everything is finished, she will make her final suggestions regarding the situation.

According to the suggestions, TSC is requesting a basic wage increase of between 16 and 32 percent. Classroom teachers are anticipated to benefit most from these plans and percentages, as they will receive greater benefits.

Teachers stand to gain significantly if the ideas are approved by the Salary and Remuneration Commission;

  • Only teachers in administrative roles, in grades C4 to D5, who initially benefited greatly from the 2016–2021 CBA, will receive the 16 percent wage raise.
  • Every classroom teacher in the lower job grades (B5 to C3) will receive a pay increase of up to 30%.

New Information on Teachers’ Salary Increment

The final recommendations about teacher salary increment plans will be made public before July of this year, according to the chair of the salaries and rewards panel. She thoroughly internalized the problem and asked the teachers to wait for the final submissions from the commission.

The SRC advisory will now be entrusted with developing the new pay rates for tutors in Kenya once the final recommendations are made public.

The Teachers Service Commission is developing the new CBA at a glacial pace, which has recently raised concerns from the Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers.

Teachers currently have little choice except to wait and see how events play out. We’ll keep you informed about the final wage increase proposals made by the salaries and remuneration panel.

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