Senator Nyamu Vows to Strip Naked with Slum Women for Equal Rights


Senator Nyamu Vows to Strip Naked with Slum Women for Equal Rights

Nairobi County women may soon take to the streets in a nude protest to demand the recognition and rights of the slum dwellers in the city. This is according to Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu, who said she is ready to lead the women in this radical move.

Nyamu was speaking on Wednesday in support of a Bill that seeks to increase the funds for slum areas, which she said should be classified as marginalised areas. She argued that Nairobi is not a rich county, as many people assume, because it has many slums where people live in poor conditions.

“We have been ignored for too long as Nairobi slum dwellers and we are going to use any means necessary to be heard,” she said.

“As women from Laini Saba, Kiboro, Mji wa Huruma and other slums, we are going to undress in this town if that is what it takes to get the attention of the policymakers and the legislators. Nairobi is not a rich county; just because we have the seat of government and some wealthy estates does not mean we are rich.”

Nyamu cited the example of Machakos Governor Wavinya Ndeti, who recently fought for the rights of her county’s residents in a land dispute with a cement company. She said Nairobi women will also find their own way of solving their problems and getting their slum areas recognised by the highest office and the country.

“Nairobi has some of the biggest slums in the country, such as Kibera, Mathare, Korogocho, Kayabas and Silanga,” she said.

“I want this House to recognise these areas as marginalised because they are marginalised. They should not be overlooked just because they are near Karen or Muthaiga or other affluent estates. They are not lesser human beings.”

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