Nairobi County Government To Discipline Officer Who Entered Woman’s Car Without Permission


Nairobi County Condemns Officer Who Got Into Woman’s Car In Parking Scuffle

A video of a woman driving away with a city officer in her car has gone viral on social media, sparking outrage and criticism from Kenyans who accused the city askaris of harassment. The woman, identified as Ntazola Gloria, a popular Tiktoker, claimed that the officer entered her vehicle without her consent after she allegedly violated parking rules in Nairobi.

The Nairobi County Government has condemned the incident and promised to take disciplinary action against the officer involved. County Secretary Patrick Analo said that his office has requested a report from the officer and his supervisors to determine the circumstances under which he entered the woman’s car.

However, Mr. Analo also blamed the woman for detaining the officer in her car instead of reporting him to the nearest police station or the county offices. He said that both parties were in the wrong and urged motorists to follow the law and respect the city officers.

The video, which was recorded by Ntazola herself, shows her driving along the Nairobi Expressway with the officer in her passenger seat. She is heard swearing at him, calling him names and telling him that she was going to drive him around all day as a punishment. She also questions him why he got into her car and whether he was a traffic police.

“Why are you like that? Why did you sit in my car? I’m taking you where I’m going,” she tells him amid curses.

Nakupeleka hadi kwangu saa hii, hii gari hautoki ndani. Mbona unaingia kwa gari yangu? Wewe ni traffic police? Mnasumbua Wakenya, watu wako na stress. Nakupeleka hadi Ngong town!” “I’m taking you to my place right now, you won’t get out of this car. Why did you enter my car? Are you a traffic police? You harass Kenyans, people are stressed. I’m taking you to Ngong town!”

Ntazola later said that she had driven the officer to Kitengela and left him there.

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