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Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza Fakes Arrest After Police Raid Her Charity Event

Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza Fakes Arrest After Police Raid Her Charity Event

Meru County Governor Kawira Mwangaza was involved in a dramatic incident on Wednesday afternoon, when she claimed to have been arrested by police officers who raided her charity event at Ruiga Village, Imenti Central Constituency.

However, the National Police Service denied the allegations and said that the Governor had staged the incident by getting into a police vehicle to create a false impression of being arrested.

“Contrary to the false allegations circulating on social media, the National Police Service wishes to clarify, that Police have not arrested Meru Governor, Kawira Mwangaza,” said the police service in a statement on X.

The Governor was donating a cow under her ‘Okolea’ outreach program, which was recently banned by Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki for being inciteful.

According to witnesses, Kawira confronted the police officers from Kariene Police Station and demanded to know who had sent them to the homestead. She then proceeded to get into the police landcruiser.

The Governor later posted on Facebook that she had been set “free”.

“Finally. Am free. I thank God am safe,” Governor Kawira wrote.

The ‘Okolea’ outreach program has been a source of controversy and violence in Meru County. On September 22, chaos erupted at one of Mwangaza’s ‘Okolea Program’ functions at Makiri, Igembe South Constituency, where angry residents slaughtered one cow and set ablaze mattresses that Mwagaza had come to donate.

Prof. Kindiki issued a ban on the program and warned that anyone who incites people or disrupts peace will face the law.

“Reports that have reached me is that the Governor’s (Mwangaza) allies were inciteful, disrupted peace and assaulted journalists….thinking they are defending the Meru governor. The targeted people also broke the law,” Kindiki said.

“We have banned meetings that incite people. This is final. We are not going to allow it. If you think it is a joke, try it. Don’t try me.”

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