EACC Sues Land Grabber Who Claims Ksh.7 Billion For Kibuye Market In Kisumu


EACC Sues Land Grabber Who Claims Ksh.7 Billion For Kibuye Market

The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) has filed a lawsuit to reclaim Kibuye market, a public property in Kisumu County, from a land grabber who is demanding Ksh.7 billion from the county government.

The land grabber, John Oyare Oyieko, allegedly forged three title deeds for the land, which accommodates over 5,000 traders, and asked the county government to either evict them or pay him compensation. However, the EACC has valued the land at Ksh.2 billion and found that it generates revenue of Ksh.400,000 on weekends and Ksh.150,000 on weekdays for the county government.

The EACC CEO Twalib Mbarak said that the land was also reserved by the county government for various public amenities such as pathways, parking spaces, sewer lines, drainage system, playgrounds, development of ECD, health facilities and construction of affordable housing.

Mbarak said that the EACC started investigating the case on February 16, 2023 after receiving a report from the Kisumu County government. He added that the EACC has established that the title deeds held by Oyieko are fake and fraudulent.

The EACC has also implicated Anilla Javanti Kotecha as a co-accused in the land grabbing offences. The EACC lawyer Mary Kakuvi Mutuku told the court that Oyieko refused to drop his claim over the land despite being issued a demand by the EACC.

Mutuku said that the EACC is seeking to recover the land and also recommend criminal charges against Oyieko and Kotecha. She said that the law does not allow anyone to claim ownership of public property that has been gazetted as such by the government.

The EACC has requested the court to restrain Oyieko and his associates from any dealings with the land in dispute.

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