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Beginning of this month, the DV Lottery results will be made public.

I would like to provide some information in order to help everyone who will be selected for the lottery.

Once you’ve made your decision, kindly take your time and gather as much information as you can.

Assistance can be obtained by asking somebody with knowledge of the subject. Watch YouTube videos, join groups, and look for those who have won before you. Periodically, these laws may be updated. Keep your cool when completing the DS260 to avoid making mistakes.

Spend the first few days or weeks becoming acquainted with the process before completing your DS260. Before May ends, each person who is selected should ideally have a case number assigned to them.

If your case number is low, make sure to finish your DS260 by the end of May and gather all essential documentation as soon as possible. The number of cases ranges from one to over 60,000. When you win, the true waiting game begins.Interviews will begin on October 1st and continue until September 30th of the following year.After submitting your DS260, you must wait for your second letter of notification from the Kentucky consular center, which will inform you of the day and time of your interview at the Embassy.Before the interview, you must have a medical exam.The following costs are associated with the entire process:

1. medical ksh. 50000

2. Interview Ksh 45000

3. Flight Ksh 100,000

4. The Ksh 30,000 green card charge

It costs roughly ksh 250000 per person, which translates to a million shillings if you have a wife or spouse and, say, two children.You’ll need money to purchase your passport(s) as well as any other necessary documents you may be lacking, such as your birth certificate, marriage certificate, certificate of good behaviour, and possibly more. If you succeed, the pricey process will have been worth it. Once you get to the US, be respectful of your hosts.

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