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CS Moses Kuria Threatens to Crack Down on Lazy Service Delivery Officers

CS Moses Kuria Threatens to Crack Down on Lazy Service Delivery Officers

Moses Kuria, the Cabinet Secretary for Public Service, Performance, and Delivery Management, has warned the officers of the government service delivery unit that he will not tolerate any slackness in their work. He issued the warning after noticing that some of them did not attend the handover ceremony on Monday.

Kuria took over the ministry from Aisha Jumwa, who was appointed as the Cabinet Secretary for Gender, Culture, Arts, and Heritage in the recent cabinet reshuffle by President William Ruto. He said that he will use his expertise in business processes engineering to improve service delivery to Kenyans.

“I know I haven’t seen people here for the government service delivery unit. Let me tell those officers, don’t try me,” he said during the meeting held at Harambee House.

“I’ll also remind you that I’m in charge of your payroll, so kaa karibu na mimi.”

Kuria also challenged the public servants to choose between public service and employment, saying that Kenyans do not owe them a job, but they owe them service. He said that 52% of the government revenue is spent on the wage bill, which is not sustainable.

“I have two sets of customers: the 9,000 public servants who work for the gov’t. The second set of customers is the 55 million Kenyans.”

He added that he plans to travel around the country to meet all public servants and monitor their performance. He also expressed his commitment to serve diligently in his new office.

“The president assigned me on matters of service delivery and performance. I’m an expert on business processes engineering and those are skills I want to bring here with me,” he said.

Jumwa, who handed over the ministry to Kuria, thanked her staff for their cooperation during her time in office. She said that she had left behind a strong institution for Kuria to build on.

The cabinet reshuffle was announced by President Ruto as part of his efforts to improve service delivery to Kenyans.

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