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6 Top Most Competitive Degree Courses in Kenya-2023

6 Top Most Competitive Degree Courses in Kenya-2023

6 Top Most Competitive Degree Courses in Kenya-2023

6 Top Most Competitive Degree Courses in Kenya-2023

Kenya’s job market, like those in many other nations, is extremely competitive, necessitating the enrollment of highly skilled people in these degree programs.

Due to a rise in the need for qualified workers in these industries, enrollment competition has increased in some of Kenya’s most coveted degree programs in recent years. People who want to participate in these courses must be ready to demonstrate their academic prowess and dedication in order to be approved.

The most desired courses in Kenya, their popularity, the challenges of enrolling in them, and any potential advantages of doing so will all be addressed in this article.

Most Competitive Degree Courses in Kenya 

1. Medicine

The medical profession enjoys high recognition and prestige in Kenya, making admission to medical school extremely competitive. To get a medical degree, students in Kenya have six years to finish a rigorous academic and practicum curriculum. Anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, pathology, and pharmacology are just some subjects that will be covered in this comprehensive course. The medical field is known to be highly rewarding both in terms of personal fulfillment and financial gain.

2. Law

Many Kenyan youth dreams of earning a degree in law because of the high esteem in which it is held. It takes a minimum of five years to complete Kenya’s rigorous law school course. Contract law, tort law, criminal law, and constitutional law are some of the topics covered. Successful lawyers are in high demand in both the public and commercial sectors and can earn substantial salaries.

3. Engineering

Many Kenyan students have their sights set on a career in engineering due to the country’s constant need for qualified engineers. It takes a minimum of five years and a lot of hard work to graduate from an engineering program. Math, physics, mechanics, thermodynamics, and even electrical circuits are among the many topics covered in school. Engineers are in high demand in many fields, from construction and manufacturing to IT and science.

4. Computer Science

The need for qualified computer scientists in Kenya grows as the country’s economy expands. Graduating from a competitive computer science program in Kenya takes at least four years. Topics covered include algorithms, data structures, and computer networks. The software development, cybersecurity, and data analysis fields are just a few that have a significant demand for Computer Science graduates.

5. Pharmacy

The Kenyan healthcare system would be severely crippled without the contributions of pharmacists. Finishing one of Kenya’s rigorous pharmacy programs takes a minimum of five years. Clinical pharmacy, drug development, and pharmacology are only a few subjects covered in pharmacy school. Pharmacy school grads have many career options in healthcare facilities, retail pharmacies, and the pharmaceutical sector.

6. Accounting

The expanding economy of Kenya has increased the demand for qualified accountants. Graduating from a competitive accounting school in Kenya takes at least four years. Financial accounting, managerial accounting, auditing, and taxation are some topics covered in accounting classes. Students who earn their accounting degrees are in high demand in a wide range of businesses.

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