2023 Green Card results ;How to find out the results?


2023 Green Card results ;How to find out the results?

2023 Green Card results ;How to find out the results?

The outcomes anticipated by applicants in 2023 have already been made public. The inquiry screen will let those who have been patiently waiting know if they have been granted the right to an American Green Card. Has the Green Card 2023 results inquiry screen been opened? How do you find out the results?

Has the inquiry screen for Green Card results for 2023 been opened? How do you obtain the results? This year, millions of applicants eagerly awaited the chance to fulfill their “American Dream” dreams. Now is the anticipated time. The application results have been released as of right now. The governmental authorities verified that the results had been announced.

First, let’s look at what a Green Card is. Green Card is a document issued by the US government, officially called the “Permanent Resident Card”. Green Card holders have the right to live in the USA permanently and have the freedom to work and travel in the USA.

The Green Card is crucial for foreign nationals moving to the USA. Without being a US citizen, foreigners are permitted to live, work, and travel in the US with the help of a green card.

Holders of green cards can also apply to become US citizens. No requirements must be met before applying for this card. Anyone can apply for this card from anywhere in the world. Millions of individuals enter the lottery each year to win this card that allows them to reside in the USA. On the other hand, about 150, 000 individuals do so annually to become citizens.


According to the USA Freetown Embassy’s statement, applications for the DV 2024 Green Card were submitted between October 5 and November 8, 2022.

Once more, the embassy-determined date for application results has come.

Interviews of the winners of the Green Card lottery will be held between October 1, 2023 – September 30, 2024. Those who win and do not get a visa by this date will lose their chance.

How can I find out my Green Card application results?

By inputting the permission numbers received after submitting their electronic applications to the “Participant Status Check” page on http://www.dvlottery.state.gov, applicants can find out the outcomes of their applications.

You can reapply in the upcoming years if you did not win the lottery.

Once you are aware that you have won the DV lottery, you must submit the necessary documents to the Kentucky Consular Center (KCC) by following the procedures on the Participant Status Check page.

Only the confirmation number provided to you at the time of application can be used to check the green card results. By confirming your information on the same page, you can also obtain your confirmation number again if you misplaced it.

1.Go to http://dvprogram.state.gov.

2. Click on the blue “Continue” link on the screen that appears.

3. On the page that will appear, a form will appear asking you to write a Confirmation number, Surname, Year of Birth and verification code.

4. Type the 16 Digit Confirmation number in the top box.

5. In the next box, write only your surname in capital letters.

6. In the third box, just write your year of birth.

7. In the last box, type the 5-digit verification code shown to you on the page.

8. Click on Submit Link.

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